Interreg IV Italien-Österreich

Project partners

Innsbruck University

At the Institute for Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry in the Centre for Chemistry and Biomedicine at the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck, under the leadership of Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Christian Huck, new analytical methods for the quality control of foodstuffs are being developed, validated and licensed for routine analysis within the framework of the Originalp project. These primarily make use of spectroscopy procedures, such as near-infrared spectroscopy, ATR spectroscopy, and imaging spectroscopy.

They also use newly developed separation techniques and enrichment systems, which are essentially incorporated as calibration methods for the spectroscopic procedures. Thanks to this new analysis strategy, answers to questions about the provenance and quality of foodstuffs can be obtained very quickly and in a non-destructive manner.

Free University of Bozen- Bolzano

The Faculty of Science and Technology of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano was founded in 2007, and since then it has grown rapidly by recruiting highly qualified scientific staff from abroad and from Italy, expanding the teaching offer to the Master and PhD levels, developing a range of local, national and international scientific cooperations, and enlarging its research facilities.

The scientific competences of the faculty fall into two main areas: Agricultural and Agro-environmental Science and Industrial Mechanical and Energy Engineering.
Our main distinguishing feature is an interdisciplinary approach, essential for solving complex problems, such as the management of mountain areas, energy efficiency, food production and quality, and process and product innovation for industry.

Laimburg Research Centre

Laimburg Research Centre is the leading research institute for agriculture and the quality of foodstuffs in South Tyrol. Laimburg Research Centre mainly carries out applied research with the aim of improving the competitiveness and sustainability of agriculture in South Tyrol and ensuring the quality of agricultural projects.

Every year around 150 employees work on around 350 research projects and pilot schemes in all areas of South Tyrolean agriculture, from fruit-growing and viticulture to mountain agriculture. The Laimburg Research Centre was founded in 1975.
The ORIGINALP project is being carried out by the "Laboratory for Flavor and Metabolites", where wet chemical tests to determine the contents of the various samples being examined in the project are analysed.

The Dairy Federation of Alto Adige

The Dairy Federation of Alto Adige is the region’s leading organisation in the dairy sector. Their main activities are to manage the quality of milk and dairy products. Endorsement and consultation for its members are also included in their services. 

The origin of dairy products from Alto Adige and their quality are guaranteed with the stamp of approval “Alto Adige Quality”.

Agrarmarketing Tirol

Agrarmarketing Tirol is an association comprising the four members the state of Tyrol, the Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture, Tirol Werbung (Advertising) and the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce.
The objectives and tasks of Agrarmarketing Tirol are to increase the value creation for agricultural products and to improve the image of farming in Tyrol.

That foodstuffs come from Tyrol is made clear to consumers through the "Qualität Tirol" label and the slogan gewachsen und veredelt in Tirol (grown and processed in Tyrol)